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Interview of Jean Bruns on Daytime Blueridge – The Anderson Cottage

Jean Bruns (1929-2015)Those of you who have stayed with us will know, or at least know of, my grandmother, Jean Bruns. She put so much of her time, love, blood, sweat, and tears into this house, I still feel her presence daily. Today would have been Jean’s 87th birthday, and I thought it would be a good time to share this interview. It’s been almost a year since it was filmed and you can see that beautiful Fall color in the trees. I so appreciate that we have this video, it is wonderful to be able to hear her voice and see the vibrant spirit in her eyes!

Jean was a real character, and the best part of visiting Warm Springs. I am so lucky to have had this woman as a role model. Fierce and clever, she instilled a streak of outspokenness in our family that runs strong. She also showed us so much love – she was not your typical cuddly grandma, but she was a generous spirit who adored us in quiet ways. Our family speaks often about how she was a woman ahead of her time, and given all the opportunity I have been blessed with, I hope that I am doing her proud. It is truly an honor to be following in her footsteps as an innkeeper at The Anderson Cottage.

I miss her dearly, and treasure the memories and good times we shared. If you have a favorite story about Jean, we would love it if you’d share below in the comments!

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, it can also be found at this link.

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